Disk Grid (detail)
The works of art displayed are comprised of up to 20 plates of glass arrayed over a light box. Because many of the plates are painted on both sides, a single work consists of upwards of 40 separate hand-painted images.

Each image of the representational works is a cross section of the subject matter. These two-dimensional images are carefuly positioned on each plate to align precisely with every other image, so as to create the illusion of a three-dimensional whole.

The photographs provide only a hint of the true appearance of these evanescent images in glass. The light shining through the paint creates a jewel-like glow, which shimmers as your viewing angle changes. Each shift in perspective causes new colors to appear and vanish as two existing hues combine to form a third. And as you bring your eye down alongside the edge of the plates, the image gradually becomes a fog of color, until it fades, and finally disappears altogether.